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Plan Your Dream Wedding in Alberta with Confidence - Get an Estimate of Your Alberta Wedding Venue Cost at Aspen Country Hills

At Aspen Country Hills, we understand that budget is an important factor when planning your wedding day. That's why we've created an easy-to-use calculator to give you a rough estimate of your wedding day cost. Based on past couples' experiences, our calculator provides an estimate of what you can expect to spend for your Alberta wedding venue at Aspen Country Hills. However, please note that this is just an estimate and does not guarantee any specific costs or services. Our team will be in touch with you shortly after you complete the form to provide more accurate pricing information. Start planning your dream wedding today with confidence at Aspen Country Hills.

Cocktails, Beer, & Wine (pricing does not include bar tenders, mix or ice)

Venue Package 

Food Catering (pricing does not include gratuity or travel)

Wedding Photography 





The Dress

Groom’s suit

Hair & Makeup



Invite Ideas

On-Site Accommodations

Tableware & Dinnerware

How much do you want to allow for the "extras" fun things you might come up with? (Favors, late night snacks, gifts for bridal party, etc.), upgrades to the above options, or things not accounted for?

Estimate based on past experiences and does not guarantee any specific costs or services.
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