10 Bridesmaid Expenses You Don't Want to Forget

Explore the top 10 bridesmaid expenses you shouldn't overlook when preparing for a wedding. Learn how to budget for dresses, travel, gifts, and more, while supporting the bride and enjoying this memorable experience. Click this text to view more!

10 Essential Bridesmaid Costs You Need to Remember


Being a bridesmaid is an honor and a privilege, but it can also come with a variety of expenses. From the dress to the bachelorette party, there are many costs to consider when taking on this important role. To help you budget and plan accordingly, we'll dive deeper into the top 10 bridesmaid expenses you don't want to forget.

1. Bridesmaid Dress

One of the most significant expenses for bridesmaids is the dress. Brides may have a specific color or style in mind, and it's important to budget for this cost. Be sure to factor in any alterations that may be necessary to ensure a perfect fit. Additionally, consider shopping for sales or discounts and exploring the option of renting a dress to minimize expenses.

2. Shoes and Accessories

In addition to the dress, bridesmaids may need to purchase coordinating shoes and accessories, such as jewelry, hairpieces, and clutches. These items can range from affordable to expensive, so it's crucial to discuss the expectations with the bride and plan accordingly. Consider shopping at affordable retailers or borrowing accessories from friends or family members to cut costs.

3. Hair and Makeup

Brides often want their bridesmaids to have professional hair and makeup services on the wedding day. If this is the case, be prepared to budget for these services, which can vary in price depending on the stylist and makeup artist. To save money, consider having a talented friend or family member help with hair and makeup or attending group makeup lessons to learn DIY techniques.

4. Travel and Accommodation

If the wedding takes place in a different city or country, bridesmaids need to budget for travel and accommodation expenses. This can include airfare, hotel stays, and transportation to and from the wedding venue. To minimize costs, research group rates for hotels, carpool with other bridesmaids, or book flights well in advance to find the best deals.

5. Bridal Shower

As a bridesmaid, you'll likely be responsible for planning and contributing to the bridal shower. This can include the cost of the venue, decorations, food, and any activities or games. Collaborate with the other bridesmaids to share the expenses and consider hosting the event at someone's home or a public park to save on venue costs.

6. Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is another event where bridesmaids often pitch in for costs. Depending on the plans, this could include travel, accommodations, activities, and dining expenses. Plan a local or budget-friendly destination, and focus on affordable activities and group discounts to keep costs down.

7. Wedding Gift

Bridesmaids are expected to give a wedding gift to the couple. Be sure to factor in the cost of a thoughtful and appropriate gift when budgeting for your bridesmaid expenses. Consider going in on a group gift with the other bridesmaids to share the expense, or get creative and make a meaningful, handmade gift for the couple.

8. Rehearsal Dinner

While the couple typically covers the cost of the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids may need to budget for their own travel, attire, and any additional expenses related to attending this pre-wedding event. Coordinate with the other bridesmaids to share transportation costs and ensure your attire for the event is something you already own or can wear again in the future.

9. Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

It's a good idea for bridesmaids to have an emergency kit on hand for the wedding day. This kit can include items like safety pins, double-sided tape, a sewing kit, and pain relievers. While these items may not be expensive individually, the cost can add up. Consider creating a group emergency kit with the other bridesmaids to share the expenses and make sure everyone has access to the essentials on the big day.

10. Unexpected Expenses

Finally, don't forget to budget for any unexpected expenses that may arise. This could include last-minute alterations, additional travel costs, or other unforeseen circumstances. Setting aside a small contingency fund can help ensure you're prepared for any unexpected costs without causing financial stress.


Being a bridesmaid is a special and memorable experience, but it's important to be aware of the associated costs. By taking a deeper look at these 10 essential bridesmaid expenses, you can plan and budget accordingly, ensuring you can focus on supporting the bride and enjoying the celebrations without any financial stress.


  1. Is it common for brides to cover some of the bridesmaid expenses? It varies depending on the bride and the wedding budget. Some brides may choose to cover certain expenses, like the bridesmaid dress or hair and makeup, while others may not.
  2. How can bridesmaids save money on these expenses? Communication is key. Discuss expectations with the bride and other bridesmaids, and look for ways to cut costs, such as group discounts, DIY projects, or sharing accommodations.
  3. Should bridesmaids always expect to cover these expenses? While bridesmaids should be prepared to cover the expenses listed above, it's essential to have open communication with the bride and other bridesmaids to understand the expectations for each event and expense. In some cases, the bride or her family may choose to cover specific costs.
  4. Can bridesmaids opt out of certain events or expenses if they can't afford them? It's important for bridesmaids to be upfront about their financial situation and discuss any concerns with the bride. In most cases, the bride will understand and may be able to offer alternative solutions or help to accommodate the bridesmaid's budget constraints.
  5. What should bridesmaids do if they're struggling to afford all of the expenses? Honest communication with the bride is crucial. Discuss your financial situation and work together to find creative ways to minimize costs, such as renting a bridesmaid dress or seeking more affordable hair and makeup options. Remember, the most important aspect of being a bridesmaid is supporting the bride, not breaking the bank.