Candace Fast Photography

I want you to hire me because you connect with me .....You know you're going to not only get amazing pictures and you are also (and more importantly I think) going to have fun !!

I'm passionate ( about a lot of things)

I'm authentic ( what you see is what you get whether you like it or not)

I wear my heart on my sleeve ( yep that's me crying behind the lens as I shoot your vows )

I'm adventurous ( test me on this one and I'll surprise you)

I LOVE to travel (want to get married in some epic location ... hit me up and let's start planning)

and most of all, I love people, that's the real reason I do what I do !

I love the connection that happens when I take your photo's, you are so much more to me then just another client .... you are potentially my new bestie !!

My goal is to bring out the authentic, spontaneous, beauty in people.

​I'm based in Chilliwack BC but I'll travel anywhere and everywhere. I love exploring new places  and if I can do that with my camera in hand then I'm living my dream.

​I strive for those real moment between lovers, friends and family, the feeling you had while I was capturing your images and the memory that it produces are the reason I do this.

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